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Information About Brokerage Services!
You will sign one of these forms if you ever
make an offer to purchase property in Texas
(the State makes us have one in our file)
Jim Knight South Padre Island TX Real Estate
James P. (Jim) Knight, Realtor
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I am going to give you my interpretation of how Real
Estate Relationships work in Texas.
When you walk into a Real Estate Office, call about an
advertisement, email an inquiry from a display on the
Internet, the Real Estate Agent that answers is working for
the Seller!  If you called the Office in the add, then you
could be talking to the Listing Agent (Generally
representing the Seller ONLY) or a Sub-Agent of the Seller
(see below) which might convert into an Intermediary
Relationship later (see below "Intermediary").  If you
called/contacted any other  Real Estate Office/Agent, they
are also working for the SELLER AS WELL as
"Sub-Agent" of the Listing Agent.  You are a CUSTOMER
and have only a few things going for you (see chart
below).  Until YOU establish a CLIENT relationship with a
Real Estate Agent, you are a CUSTOMER!!!  This
"Client"relationship may be "implied" or in writing (by far
the best way to make sure they work for you).  In your
"investigative phase" of researching an area, it might be
best to visit with several Agents and identify one that you
get along with and that provides you with the information
you require before committing to a CLIENT relationship.  
As Agents, we are all generally members of the local
Board of Realtors and/or Multiple Listing Service and can
research, show, write offers on all properties in the area,
but remember until the CLIENT relationship is established
we can not give you "all the skinny" on a property!
Sub-Agent, this is a "hold over" from the old days (before
Intermediary or Buyer's Representation were established)
which placed ALL agents in the position of working for the
SELLER.  This position or relationship still holds true until
a specific relationship is established with the Buyer!
Intermediary Relationship, is when you have both the
Seller and Buyer Agent(s) being licensed in the same Real
Estate Firm/Office.  Basically there are two forms of this
representation; 1) where the Broker or manager
APPOINTS one agent for the Seller (usually the listing
agent) and another to the Buyer.  All the CUSTOMER
duties and obligations apply (see chart below) to each
party in the transaction, or 2) a relationship called
Intermediary WITHOUT APPOINTMENT which is where
the Agent becomes a neutral party and can not provide
opinions or advise, just the CUSTOMER duties and
obligations apply.
Buyer's Representation, whether implied or in writing,
this relationship places all the duties and obligations of the
Agent on YOUR side.  There is a contract available to
establish a Buyer's Representation, but I rarely use it as it
obligates the Buyer to pay a commission if they enter into
a purchase contract using another Agent.  If you don't like
me or don't think I am representing YOU, I don't want you to
feel obligated to deal with me.  I feel that our
communications and the relationship we build will show my
"implied" Buyer's Representation without question.  When
we write an offer, I will ask you to initial by the box that
demonstrates that I represent YOU ONLY in that
offer/contract.  I consider anyone I talk to my client unless
they state otherwise.
I have been told that when I discuss, display and/or show a
Customer or Client any information about a property, I
should indicate MY POSITION AS AGENT!  I'll bet you
have never had that happen!
The State required form is below, please review it and if
you have any questions or concerns, just contact me for
answers, if I don't know, I will find out and get back to you!
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