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comes FIRST!
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Jim Knight
Jim Knight
Real Estate Agent
with Wagoner Real Estate
3200 Padre Blvd
South Padre Island, TX 78597
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Jim Knight South Padre Island TX Real Estate Agent
James P. (Jim) Knight, Realtor
with Wagoner Real Estate
3200 Padre Blvd
South Padre Island, Texas 78597
Office location (in about the middle of the City) at
Acapulco at Padre!
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Q: Hurricanes?
A: Don't seem to land in our area.  We
seem to be sheltered by the wind off the
mountains sheltered by the wind off the
mountains about 90 miles south.  Most
storms run into that wind and either turn
south or curve up into the Houston/New
Orleans areas.  The last actual landfall in
our area was 1984 as I recall.
Q: Insurance, can you obtain coverage
in this area?
A: Most definitely, it has gone up in
price over the last two years but it can
be written by a number of agents in our
area.  Some of my clients have "riders"
on their Home Owner's policies to cover
their "Second Home" in our area.  May I
also suggest some Liability coverage if
you plan on renting the property when
not living in it.  Also if you own a condo
and a pipe breaks flooding the units
below, it would be nice to have their
damages covered under the same policy.
Q: What do "Dues and Fees" cover in
Condo Complexes?
A: A are rule they cover general
maintenance of the exterior and so on.  
You want to ask if it includes an
"Reserve Account"contribution, it is
like a savings account that may be used
for emergencies or scheduled major
repairs/improvements.  Another
consideration is if they include the
"common area" insurance!
Q: What is/are "Common Area?
A: Normally everything outside the
windows and doors!  When you
purchase a condo some "Documents"
will be provided for your review
(Declarations, ByLaws, Rules of the
Association and so on).  These papers
will spell out the specifics of the
particulars complex.
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the answer, I will locate someone who
does!!!!!  I am here to serve YOU!
Q: What is the weather like?
A: Great for the most part, you can look at
all the "numbers" by going to
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